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Beavers Back In Scotland!

This ones for all you wildlife lovers. Beavers are set to make a comeback in Scotland for the first time in hundreds of years! Our furry friends were wiped out back im the 16th Century by hunters who caught them for their fur.

But wildlife groups have made themselves heard through campaigning to be allowed to reintroduce the critters in some areas, and the Scottish government have knocked down their dam and said yes!Scotland will see four beaver families (how cute) from Norway released in Argyll in 2009 as part of a five year trial.

Meanwhile the Scottish Wildlife trust will keep a close eye on the tree chewing chums to see how they get on as well as monitoring their impact on the local environment.



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Football Award For Boy With False Leg

A 12-year-old boy from Somerset, who has a false leg, has been named Sportsman of the Year by his football team. Macauley used to have a foot that didn’t work properly. He was in a lot of pain, and couldn’t even run around and playing footie was just a distant dream.

Later Doctors decided it would be better for him to have an operation to remove his leg, and gave him a false one instead. Now, he plays footie for a team called the Radstock Rangers under-12s and is doing so well he’s been given an award.

His team mates recognised his hard work on the pitch and voted him their Sportsman of the Year. Good for you Macauley!

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Just Blind Puzzling?!

Ok, so you think you are good at puzzles? Well I bet you will suffer defeat to this young lad who has cracked the famously tricky Rubik’s Cube Puzzle BLINDFOLDED…yes blindfolded…pause for dramatic effect and possible applause.

The teenage Joey Gouly mastered the multi-coloured cube in two minutes and 27 seconds, setting a new British record. The fast-fingered Yorkshire born 17-year-old said he found it so easy to finish the cube with his eyes open, he decided to set himself a new challenge.

Joey received his first Rubik’s Cube when he was just 16, and says his daily practice sessions mean that without a blindfold he can crack it in just 15 seconds! I think he would give Will Smith a run for his money in ‘The Pursuit Of Happyness.’ Absolute legend.

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Pooch Rescued After Week Undergound.

Tyke The Dog.

This poor little dog spent a week underground after he became stuck down a badger hole on his walk in County Durham! A digger, to find three-year-old Tyke, dug up ten Tonnes of earth.

He is now safe and unharmed; there were no badgers in the hole so no harm was done. I was very pleased that Tyke was found safe and sound; I mean imagine a week underground? This shows one committed owner, and shows just how much we will do for mans best friend.

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Parrot Tries To Hatch Cadbury Eggs!

Pippa with her eggs!

Right I have finally stopped laughing so now I have composed myself let me share this story with you all. Pippa the parrot has been trying to hatch a bowl of chocolate eggs for two weeks!

The cockatoo spotted the eggs on a table and rushed over to protect them. She is now protecting the eggs as if they were her own, and even used her beak to throw one at a man trying to take her picture. Her owner said she was trying to say: ‘leave my egg’s alone their mine.’

I cannot believe how Pippa cannot tell that these are not real eggs! This is possibly the funniest parrot I have ever come across. The main question is, I wonder how long she will sit with these eggs! I would say she has a long wait!

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